Times Difficult

It is something we hear constantly, but how much we do to change it?Sadly we have lost confidence in our rulers, but as no, if one day we woke up with the news that in the State of Michoacan mayors and chiefs of police linked to drug trafficking were arrested, and we know that you as this case are repeated throughout the country.So how to trust?.I was wondering if these people who one day asked us to vote for them to reach that Office thought the great responsibility that would have and what were going to face, which was not easy but that this would have to have a lot. character.On the other hand, we learned of the tragedy that many families lived at the loss of their children in this tragic fire, an accident?, the worst thing is that we realize that the responsible person did not his work, does negligence?, lack of preparation?, or simply don’t import them that the place was full of dangers for all these children.Does not get much science to think that a winery is not the ideal place for a nursery, which has no requirements, so they had to make gaps in the walls ready to save them, and even the authorities, he was a citizen that he realized the desperation of parents.Well, I ask myself, what is so hard to do their jobs as it should be?, why are all these things?Times are tough, but if all endured the most with what each one does, we had the ethics, morality and the desire to move Mexico forward, I am confident that things were different.. . . Amit paley shines more light on the discussion.