Tom Hopkins

Many of the "salesmen" are mistaken, belief that there is a technique that will increase sales. In fact, a lot of ways. And to be precise, each individual has their own personal approach. Foolishly hope that by visiting the sales training – have become a kind of "sales gurus". Each new technique needs to be adapted! You are determined, to raise their level and learn new things? The first thing you should pay attention, because this is the fact that you already know. And to develop these skills in the very first. It would "walk on water" and upgrade their qualifications. Many people who have just arrived in the trade business, sitting idle, falsely believing that they know nothing and do not know.

And therefore they should not strain. You must first learn something. In many cases, people with that mindset during training delayed for a long time. Forcing the other party your point of view – is you do not make a sale? Buying tomatoes, you have intentionally lowers the price – is not making a sale? Long hours every day we have to sell. You can sell anything, not just goods and services that can sell ideas, ideas, etc. Now you can say that do not know how to sell? Very aptly Tom Hopkins: "The sale – this is the easiest of low-paid work, and the most complicated of high-paying." I am of the opinion that successful salespeople are not born, they stanovyatsya.Malo one desire, we need action.