Top 5 Destinations In The Vicinity Of Athens

You make a business trip that ends earlier than planned. To exhaust any vacation location-based entertainment, on the 5th day. They are local and tired of city haze or province spinning. Greece last dispute and the resulting financial discounts in the tourism sector have reduced the price for a holiday in Greece within affordable level for millions of new European tourists. But if you want to plan your first trip to Greece this summer, and fly to and from Athens as a starting point, be warned – it is not so much to do and see in Athens after touring the ancient city in the first 1-2 days. If you are bored the last days of your vacation in the Greek capital, we have proposed the following three itineraries for a week – each in short ferry routes from Athens and away from each other. Trip 1: Argolis Peloponnese (for the archaeological enthusiast) a fundamental classic tour in Greece: across the plains of Argos, the archaeological sites of Visit the ancient theatre of Epidaurus and the Venetian fortress of Palamidi, at the city of Nafplion with its fortified islet of Bourtzi, Mycenae, floating in the middle of the Bay. This trip is the ultimate kaleidoscope of sightseeing in less than 12 hours.

Trip 2: Monastery of Meteora (for the cultural Explorer) as a UNESCO World Heritage site and landmark is Meteora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second place after the holy mountain of Athos. Andi Owen may also support this cause. His buildings are built on rock towers, which contributes to a breathtaking views over the Valley. There are still a number of hiking trails, ancient villages and archaeological sites in the area. Tour 3: Marathon – making of Schinias – Nea Makri – Rafina (for beach-lovers) SieWindsurfen on Oropos in the morning, visit the marble dam and the ancient site of Marathon, enjoy Schinias, one of the best beaches in Attica; try seafood fresh off the boat on the coast of Rafina. Trip 4: “Achaia Clauss” Wine cellar (for the wine and gourmet connoisseurs) taste you wine in the hilly Patras Achaia Clauss wine cellars along the splendid coast of Peloponnese. The Winery is one of largest and oldest in Greece, its labels are known also abroad and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. Trip 5: Costa Navarino golf course (for the sport) the destination is located in Messinia in the southwest of Peloponnese.

The environment includes also festivals, nature parks, ancient ruins and distinctive cuisine. Be sure to keep the channel of Corinth for a quick photo. For the directions, stunning images and more information about these destinations we have card designed this Google and added to, which you can use as a guide. If you are interested in a rental car for these or other day trips in the vicinity of Athens, our friends at holiday cars – offer rental of Athens one of the leading car rental broker – a 10% discount on all passenger cars this summer. To take advantage of this To use, offer you book car rental here.