Trading From Home Depot In The Basement To More Missile Systems In The Warehouses

Bag specialist invests in warehouse expansion Wustermark/Berlin, July 2013 it’s the biggest investment of the online shop Within three weeks, the company had built a missile system in its warehouses in Wustermark. The expansion of the logistics capacity is equivalent to doubling the storage area. Overall, the practising Wardow GmbH has invested a six-figure sum in the expansion of the camp. The history of reads impressively: what in 2005 with the storage of luxury bags and? accessories in the home basement began, is its current peak in the new multi-storey shelving system with doubled storage area.

In the early years, we had operated the shop from home. This was followed by a small office with integrated storage. 2010, the cover of 1,500 square metres of storage space in Wustermark was starting point for further expansion. Due to the strong growth of the last three years the camp is seams still burst and expansion has become an urgent need,”explains Danny Wardow, Managing Director of WARDOW GmbH. The expansion of camp is a clear investment in the future. Through the magnifying can further expand its range of top brands such as FURLA, MCM, Porsche design, Hugo Boss, Tumi and take up new brands. For us a professional logistics with efficient warehousing and coordinated processes is the guarantee for continued growth,”explains Wardow. With the decision the company has at the same time clearly opted for Woodgrove and the creation of additional jobs in the region. has made much in his ninth year. In the course of the change of name from the beginning of the year the extension and modernisation of the Office space and the photo studios were completed in addition to the expansion of the camp. Currently the final preparations for the relaunch of the shop are made. More information at and upon request. is one of Germany’s leading online shops for bags and accessories in the premium segment. Since the Foundation 2005 specialized company on premium brands and luxury designer of the entire leather range of lifestyle & fashion, business, travel, leisure accessories. Thanks to modern and efficient sales strategy and extensive expertise in E-Commerce, the shop offers a daily growing offering of over 6 000 articles from more than 75 brands. As a result, often has the widest range of brands among all competitors and is with new products as first online. The company is headquartered in Wustermark in Berlin. The company announced the change of name to WARDOW GmbH in January 2013.