A transaction entered into under the delusion that has significant number of transactions involving the exchange of premises, committed under the influence delusions, which are essential. The most common cause of termination of the transaction are hidden defects exchanged premises, sometimes unavoidable due to the design flaws of a house. In these cases, transaction invalidated the claim by that operated under the delusion, though misleading the plaintiff and not the result of culpable conduct another . transaction entered into dire circumstances (st.179 In order for the court recognized as invalid (enslaving) the transaction on this basis, it is necessary that the person challenging the deal, it was proved the existence of two signs: exceptional circumstances and extreme bad deal. Protection of housing rights of citizens under the age of majority. The law divides citizens into two minor groups: those under 14 years old and those aged from 14 to 18 years. According to Article 28 of the Civil Code for minors under the age of 14 years (minors), the transaction can commit on behalf of parents, adoptive parents or guardians.

Minors aged 14 to 18 commit the transaction, except small household, the written consent of their legal representatives – parents, adoptive parents or guardians. The deal, done in such a minor, valid for its subsequent written approval of his parents, adoptive parents or guardian. Capacity of this group of juveniles growing at the age of 16. A minor who has attained the age of 16, can be declared fully operational, if it works for employment contract, including contract, or with the consent of parents, adoptive parents or guardian is engaged in entrepreneurial activity.