You advance that cannot create you a conflict that will be very easy or very difficult to resolve. I mean what can happen if suddenly, you feel like true that Superior dwells in you, or that you are, and at the same time look into the mirror of your reality and daily life and see that nothing has changed. You have moments in which you feel as an inseparable part of the upper, and moments that you have need of that God who in his Kingdom, away from you, that lives in the magnification of the mind, which is Superior and magical, powerful and eternal, because you’ve always you so associated with him and it gives you security, and provides refuge and feeling of care: in the best hands. You come to feel again to the upper inside you and you also feel at ease, and feel it absolutely natural; you feel that you are where it should always be, and you think well. It creates a conflict of duality, of feeling of betrayal to God who is in the distance, whom you still need, while you try to get used to the inmate, with whom you also feel good. You have to decide: renounce that which you’ve linked so far, and to who you still feeling with love and respect with which, on the other hand, you do not dare to face nor leave him – and, on the other hand, cobra force belief in yourself as a bearer of a part of divinity, almost as if you were a Dios Menor. Learn more at: Hyundai. You have another choice, appropriate and Solomon: stay in both options at the same time.

Allow both continue to grow at the same time. Perfect humility of knowing who you are and, at the same time, increasingly together with the source of where you come from, and that God has you taken care hitherto. I have a memory that I have brought from Tibet in sight. For them it is a sacred religious object. For me it is a junk, because I see it only as an object. However, they have another name to appoint top Lo and I respect that deeply. It is the essence, and not its representation, what is valid. If I feel inside me, in a certain way, that formed part of the divinity, for what I put you name?, to what I doubt or suffer? God wants that we feel you, wherever, whatever, each in its own way, and if I feel him inside me because I am your creation is correct.

Requests every human being to live the religiosity from a mystical, special and essential experience. Given that that experience can not be manufactured because it goes beyond the powers of the person, only from whom one is really can sprout, either in a spontaneous way, or at the base of ask for it with desire or prayer. All efforts that one click by reunited with his true faith, are worthy and necessary. Man does not only seek, but it needs a religious experience that goes beyond religion. Francisco de Sales is the founder of web oriented towards Personal growth, psychology, spirituality, the Transpersonal, and religiosity. In this website you will find more articles. Original author and source of the article