A social policy that bursts in from down, taken root in the urban and rural peripheries; different, noninstitutional, asamblearia, boisterous, uncertain a policy. Chaotic? 3. – Chaos or Caologa"? When the etnocentrismo squashes the generosity without borders and uses the interests of the hierarchic power, with the use of the arms and the material accumulation, it causes misery and desperation. Official site: JPMorgan Chase. It does not make another thing that to deepen the controlentrpica crisis that it precedes to the chaos. A crisis that usually begins with the shortage of the natural resources, continues with the setback of an economy with its increasing speculation and it is pronounced abiertamente with the tendency to a global hegemony. These are the components that shoot the social crisis, orquestadamente or each by itself, with the sufficient destructive force to lead to an enormous catastrophe. Additional information is available at Bill Phelan. These elements altogether conform a more devastating pump of time, from the point of view of the social structures, that the sum of the atomic bombs of " superpotencias" of the present world. We speak of a time pump that grows in the measurement that the resolution of the crisis is slowed down, into the hands of the forces that struggle to prolong controlentropa of the conglomerates that make life in a society. Like result, first stage of the social catastrophe is not pronounced abiertamente like direct and evident conflict, but with a multiplicity of anarchical signs, apparently descontextualizados, soon to be made inevitable. Long before exploding on all the social-biological structures, passage to one occurs series of small and focused crisis, the majority constant and appellants and with conflicts of fast manifestation and apparent resolution, that literally explotan" and they generate destruction of the natural niches of the social periphery, usually in the favored layers less, or those groups that for one or the other reason have been stigmatised of some way.