Urgent Companies

However, he acknowledged that "housing is not better than in Moscow: it is not enough, and well worth it, both in the capital." Urgent there is a problem with employment. "People only work on projects. 200-300 people – on the platform, there are accounting, planning department, logistics and transport. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as JPMorgan Chase by clicking through. But the jobs in these structures at all lacking. In other words, the conditions that would keep people here, not created ", – concludes Boris Tretiak. Hence, the wife of oilman is already working to nowhere, and in the evening to go with her nowhere big psychological problem for professionals, leaving at distant objects, it becomes irrelevant to the European part of Russia. It is worth noting that flying home for the weekend – very expensive. For example, a ticket to the capital, for example, from the same island in the offseason worth 07.10 rubles, the rest Time – 29-50 thousand rubles.

However, according to Vera Sviridova, today it is much easier to persuade specialists to move and even to watch. "For example, recently closed position in , the Russian expert on the right Drilling found in the Emirates. Move to and from Moscow. Thus, one soiskatelnitsa long time could not find a decent job in the capital – offers a hopeless assistant jobs assistant. She also went to , but in as a specialist geophysicist with the possibility of growth, "- notes the expert" unity. " And not to say that professionals are attracted big money.

Rather, interest is just new horizons in his career. For example, the Gazprom has a corporate institution, there are trained as new employees and employees who are interested in progress – school reserve. Indeed, large companies raise their own staff – why settle there by the specialist is not so simple. And in domestic corporations is well developed protectionism. You can often encounter the opinion that to hire and promote friends and relatives. Of course, if a company develops in a remote area, then gradually all the residents are relatives. However, there needs to be done is not very nice nod to the questionable quality of individual specialists. The result is that "so to say professionals in the industry enough (plus newcomers who are" destined "). But those who really can and knows how to work, not find. Some are already on top, others are looking for more profitable conditions. Judging by the reviews on the oil forums, spices with years of experience and established reputation, who are known to close the oil world as agents, and representatives of individual companies in these difficult times are waiting for a suitable work for months. " Meanwhile, domestic industry is not at altitude. Take the same Stockman – domestic firms allowed to participate in the first stage of development of this field only in the role of contractors. So in this case has not yet ready to take on many projects, citing the fact that the tender conditions did not correspond to the capabilities and experience of Russian companies. Already, and it is not clear whether the progress to adapt to the level of development of Russian oil and gas industry, or did she herself tighten