Valencian Community

Confinem, the first integral consultancy of companies specialized of the Valencian Community, sends to the market its new product WATCHES (Integral Improvement of the Result of its Company). With this launching, the consultancy Confinem companies tries to help to the small and medians Valencian companies to leave as rapidly as possible the crisis and the best way. The innovating product WATCHES offers to the companies the possibility of saving in more of a monthly 30% in its expenses of countable, fiscal and labor management. All of them of forced fulfillment for the company. In addition this new product grants an added value to the SMEs, being in charge of integral form, of thirteen independent areas of management eg: strategy, direction and enterprise organization, human finances, marketing, communication, resources, production, legal, management of the quality, management of nourishing security, prevention of labor risks and environmental management.

All these areas previously mentioned are coordinated of direct form by the consultancy Confinem companies; that it grants a high degree of implication with its clients and the final attainment of the established results. Each of these areas counts on resisted team of specialized professionals who will realise of totally gratuitous way a complete analysis of the present situation, the areas of improvement and the strongpoints of their company. It watches provides to the Valencian companies, of a totally reasonable form for them, the tools necessary to be able to win to the crisis and to secure his enterprise objectives. Confinem becomes with the launching of WATCHES, in the pioneering consultant in developing " consultancy solidaria" , to allow the access of the micro and small company to the integral and specialized consultancy of management.