Web Marketing

The Internet has changed the perception of the people. Available at any time: a wealth of information on every company, every product, every service. The online-Renaissance of relevance: The Internet has largely resolved the separation between editorial and advertising. The empowered consumer now has the right and the duty, both to challenge the contributions of editors and marketing departments. This criticism is experiencing a long-needed training, which ultimately enables the customers to question who actually writes the posts in one or another forum or at Amazon assigns the asterisk in this way. In the “Internet revolution” it comes so today not just to change the channels and to use a relevant part of the marketing budget for online activities. It’s now about a completely new approach to content. Therefore, understanding where people need what information at what time, to in regard to their respective concerns an important step further to come.

The service provider expalas.de – digital service engineering and awen.de – new business solutions, lay the foundations for cooperation +++ marketing as a service for the customers +++ the superficial confusion in the marketing departments, which originated from the incredible variety of new possibilities in addressing customers, distracts from the actual challenge. Marketing is today, at the right time comfortably to make the audience really relevant information. Long, it is agreed to provide the benefits for the customer at the Center instead of products and features in the advertising industry. Say: one “communicates” via the benefits! We say that is not enough. The marketing of today must be even to the valuable service to the customers… away from the “laudatory” marketing to the “Advisory” marketing. Hagen Stoll (awen.de – consultant consultative marketing): “consultative marketing claims, the customers in his specific concerns to understand and him looking after Solutions to assist as much as possible.

This content relevance is raison d ‘ etre and basis for this to be observed in the fireworks of the information media and to gain the confidence of future customers.” Link to the VIDEO: consultative marketing and the opportunities for your company bit.ly/konsultatives_marketing company description the driving organ for the integration of social networks in the sales-oriented customer loyalty is ex Palas. As the spearhead of a competence team helps F. Alexander Kep with ex Palas its clients to attract new sales potential, realized social media friendly service processes as well as the sustainable development of digital reputation. Ex Palas supports to appear, where your solutions and information are needed there and established efficient and measurable service and sales processes through a combination of classical customer management (CRM) and social media marketing.