When Kon

_ _ Venha, small lady, gives to its mo gentily said it to me with a smile and the extended arm. _ _ We would not forget our guest special. It gives its hand to me, appositive that the others already are in waiting. It does not have fear. _ _ I am not with fear! _ _ Creusalinda esbravejou. _ _ Never I have medo it strained the arm slowly, its hand trembled. When Kon held its hand with firmness, the two had disappeared in estalar of fingers; suddenly turns over on the beams that supported the roof. That was so unexpected for Creusalinda made that it to fall of knees.

_ _ Why had delayed in such a way? _ _ asked Bin. _ _ Pensei that it had moved of idea, small dama said ton. _ _ Does not need to call me small lady the time todo still said Creusalinda of knees. _ _ I have a name that it is Creusalinda and never I have fear. _ _ I acredito said Sound. _ _ Now we go to go up a little more and to leave daqui they had walked for the beams after making the girl if to raise and if to balance, had left for go between the wall and the roofing tiles, of the side of are, had scaled the roofing tiles to the trancos and 5 abrupt declivities in direction to the top; it was clearly and undeniable that Creusalinda did not have the experience of the people of the roof. Back in the high one, curiango with its long tail and details in the tip had found one, waited that them; Creusalinda already had seen some curiangos before: birds that if they feed of night and they frequentam the land roads surrounded by trees and weeds, for what it had seen and remembered.