WMR Subscribers

However, many online entrepreneurs once replied to question, it immediately removed. STOP! What are you doing? After each question – this is a subscriber of interest on a particular topic. Therefore, I recommend not to remove questions and copy them to a separate text document. Even if it is trivial question such as "How do I transfer money from a purse WMZ to WMR?, this does not mean that you should delete this question. It is possible that in the near future you will be writing a book on the theme WebMoney, and this issue will be very useful. After of the answer even one question you can write one chapter of the book. Step 2: To obtain a sufficient number of questions should take some time.

If you have a small list of subscribers mailing, to issue as at least 2-3 distribution and release it, an average of 1-2 months. It all depends on the frequency output of your mailing. Step 3: After the 2.3 release mailing list, you should already have accumulated a certain number of questions from subscribers. Now You need to group all the questions on certain topics. For example, all questions about the Web Money, written in one file, and questions about creating a site – separate to the other. Thus, collecting and grouping the questions from subscribers, you get unique file, which contains all of the questions subscribers. This is precisely the information that subscribers would have liked to read. Since you have any questions divided into specific groups, it is based on groups of questions, you can write an information product.