Women and Career Paths

Different questions asked by a woman walking along the difficult path career. There are those who simply do not give rest. Depending on their age, they change. Initially, this – I was not taken seriously?! Then become important – Who me? Inevitably it comes time to attend to – I Who comes on the heels? And now it is time to take stock and plan for – what else can catch? And always a surprise – Is this all? But there is one question that always: Is that what I want? In other words: Why do I need this career? For what purpose I have her system? You can ignore it and "just do" but it usually turns out badly. Conventional wisdom can be answered with phrases and even convince others.

And yourself? If there is a very firm belief in the rightness of what I do, then the path becomes more difficult. If you do not know for sure, it felt more than once. Alas, there is little that helps to make the working woman, often torn between family and business, could keep the confidence that it was originally. What do you do? In the first place to deal with the fact – what I still want it. No, it's not something to repeat phrases you mentioned more than once. Rather, these: for self, for independence for their child.

And certainly it is true. But not all. Only it is not enough when you need to own a strong motivation – to begin a serious career. When there are obstacles and sufficiently hard again and again to gather the strength to overcome them. When you need to pass the "extra mile" to finish the job adequately, and creeping insidious question – whether in all this make sense? To keep themselves "in a positive," no one ever fails. People just looked back – or back around – and is immediately ready a list of what they want. So is their nature. Then, once there is a possibility – it can be take advantage of the good. Write a list of what you do not want in your career. And in your life when there is a career. Let this list will be extensive and detailed. Write it! After that move every concept of this the list into its opposite. And you get yours, it is your motivational card, which will help you not to stray from your path to your goal. Good luck, Rina Wiest