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The Limit

Already in this first phrase of the story, the narrator denounces the atmosphere that will permear all the structure of the text: the doubt and the uncertainty. This impreciso, in relation what really it happened in the night of the mass of the rooster, is strengthened diverse times in elapsing of the story: ‘ ‘ […]


You have to but don’t worry, There has never been a case of harassment. The larger hostels have also a surveillance camera in the corridor and night staff. Are bed bugs like to stay with me? Bed bugs is a problem in any kind of residence: houses, apartments, hotels, hostels, etc. may occur. Read more […]

Frankfurter Strasse

There, the XWORLD tour spent a night before it went to Jakarta in the last two days in the southern hemisphere. A special point of this stage was Suak NIE. The village destroyed by the tsunami and rebuilt with donations from the company HANSA-FLEX and its employees will continue to receive support. With the just […]