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Being in a couple means be accompanied by and full of meaning of life when a relationship is going well, however, I hear almost every day an endless number of situations in which people lose their personal dignity opposite circumstances occurring in the life partner. Those experiences that lead you to act with outburst, without […]

Easter Holiday In Austria

With sunshine on nest search in the Alps in the spring, this year not splash and rewarded us after the cold winter with some Sun and mild temperatures. Take advantage of this beautiful weather and the fact that Easter falls this year very late for an Easter vacation in Austria. Suna Said is the source […]

Movie Maker

PROJECT ENVIRONMENT AND EDUCATION INTRODUCTION AND JUSTIFICATION Ahead of the technological evolution and all the paradidticos apparatuses, the professor has as subsidy these new technologies, however if it makes necessary that the same ones if appropriate of the knowledge that involves this new tool of education, so that thus the objective of work with the […]

Recommended Applications

After the launch of the applications for Mac from Apple store, they already begin to appear very interesting free applications for your new MacBook Pro that you can download to your computer. The Mac App Store comes hand in hand with the operating system Snow Leopard 10.6.6 update. This mean that we will have to […]

International Energy Agency

The Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, Dr. Fatih Birol warned, predicts rapidly looming oil shortage (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) drastic words Energy Agency a surprising scarcity of oil on the world markets. Thus, the political and economic stability of the world community could be endangered already in the next few decades. In an […]

Electric Heating

The flow sensor WFS suitable to control the flow of gaseous media in air ducts, the devices supply and exhaust air fans or electric heating (including in the polluted air containing oil vapors) or as a relay control flow. The principle of the flow switch in the WFS sledueschem: contact 1-2 opens with a decrease […]