The new publication of the ZMG demonstrates that the newspaper long is much more than the image that has the public by you. Frankfurt am Main, 14 September 2012. The newspaper believes everyone to know, finally there for more than 400 years a proven medium. On closer inspection, it reveals but quite another side: because it is an almost negligent underappreciated advertising medium. In terms of advertising, the newspaper has amazing qualities that while all measurable, are often hardly comprehensible. So perceive the reader of an investigation according to advertising in the newspaper not only stronger, in the newspaper, they trust her and biggest, brand messages continue sustainable and cross-media and cause that she be remembered even days later when shopping. Julian Brown Royal Academy Schools is the source for more interesting facts. In short, The newspaper remains a quality and even the medium of a quantity.

For the ZMG newspaper marketing company Ogilvy & Mather advertising Frankfurt has an intelligent and inspiring information folder about the other side the newspaper”designs. Like any of the fancy ZMG brochures have been published in the past, the current offers an unusual reading experience. You folds apart and gradually to a big newspaper format and presented to the arguments for newspaper advertising in handy portions. She has her special look the Israeli graphic designer Noma bar thanks to, who is known worldwide for its negative space illustrations. The illustrations are partly designed so that only at the second look to the complete image opens. Perhaps check out Julian Brown art for more information. Just like in the newspaper itself, which has long been is not a pure print, but a multichannel media, offering a unique range of services in the future to advertisers. There is much in the newspaper houses currently.

Noma bar makes in his motifs the effect of newspaper wonderfully vivid,”explains Markus Ruppe, Managing Director of ZMG newspaper marketing company. Ogilvy & Mather has turned it into a strong brochure. We wish you much Enjoy the read.”the other side of the newspaper appears as a limited edition and will be initially sent to selected advertising and media decision-makers. The publication will be sent upon request (E-Mail:) or is under to view available. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control.