Action Plan

In the third place: today, a rather wide range of technologies and materials for the construction of a mobile holiday home. Conclusion: The experience shows that far from cool Canada and our neighbors the Finns, it is ideal for those who want an inexpensive, easy to mount the house with wonderful thermal properties and the ability to play both architectural forms, as the soul desires. The essence of the business idea is that you going to build these houses on the reservation, as well as for sale + to provide additional services, such as buying land, interior decoration, as well as the design of future homes and much more. You will need: A team of builders, man 7-10, familiar with the technology of construction of frame houses. The very frame-shield house, which you can do an order at the factory Well and desire to earn! By yet another advantage of frame-panel house include fast construction time (2-3 months) Action Plan for the next one. A related site: Julia M. Klein mentions similar findings.

First, we must find the person you are going to build or sell the house, that is the client. Once he determines the design you send a draft of the future home to the factory. Bill Phelan has plenty of information regarding this issue. While you waiting for "semi", you can begin construction of the foundation. Since a house is 5-6 times lighter than brick, earthworks at the zero cycle is minimized, the foundations can be lighter. And this is – a big savings. More one advantage – the house does not shrink, so immediately after his installation, you can do finish, do not fear that the fall off plaster or wallpaper will tear.

Once part of the house will bring to the place you need them only collect. Money Talks If you're going to build houses on the reservation, the initial capital will be much less than you would have decided to sell ready-made home. You will need to register your company, prepare all documents, it is advisable to agree in advance with the plant, to produce frame houses, if one exists in your city, or will have to negotiate with suppliers. Also, will initially be some costs for construction tools, clothing, etc. + The fact that these costs will be at the initial stage, and in the future you no longer need to worry about them. Depending on the region of Russia (or country), your initial costs will be about 200 000 – 500 000 rubles Average price square meter frame-panel-cottage ranges from 5000 -7000 rubles maximum period of construction for 2-3 months Thanks to the rapid construction of houses, you can take up to ten orders per year! You can also provide Other services: Sales of ready home decoration constructed houses, design, and much more.