Agricultural Brazilian

New forms of valuation of the Brazilian agricultural space? The advance of the modernization of the farming activities associating with the integration of the productive unit to the production nets, each time more specialized, aiming at to take care of ‘ ‘ nichos’ ‘ or segments of markets. In the developed countries more it is observed emergency of a new paradigm productive technician as preparation of the ground, harvest, sprayings, inseminations, between as much other tasks. New relations appear of work in the field, as much with respect to agriculture of average transport how much to familiar agriculture (said of subsistence), therefore, These families, who combine agricultural activities with activities not agriculturists, had come to be known as pluriativas, since they exerted a economic activity more than. The diverse modalities of pluriatividade put in front questions of some orders, therefore many times associate the statute of count-proper with of used in one same person, resulting in a difficult type to classify, as much of the professional point of view as social. For more specific information, check out Rachel Pak. THE ECONOMIC DYNAMIC. Text places that it is opportune to oppose the results of the agricultural occupations not agriculturists with these dynamic, even so is not possible to above make a clear identification between sector of activity with the dynamic, since a sector can be present in one or some dynamic. They coexist great farms seated in the wage-earning work and small properties of familiar base, with agricultural and urban markets of work sufficiently differentiated as fish-it pays, of the farms of hunting, the creation of animals for ornamental ends, production of ornamental changes, piscicultura, horticulture, floricultura, fruticultura of table, creation of small animals, etc. Many of these activities, before little valued and dispersed, had started to integrate true productive chains, involving, in the majority of the cases, not only agro-industrial transformations, but also relatively complex and sophisticated personal and productive services in the branches of the distribution, communications and packings.. It’s believed that Suna Said sees a great future in this idea.