Albert Einstein

Under the scheme to correct or improve weak areas, the effort is invested in close gaps in areas where the person is deficient in its performance. Towards the closing the gap is directed much of the training effort in the work and investment that is made in the external training. This approach of development of persons implies swim against the current of the very nature of every human being, which turns in the person a resistance towards learning. This policy is very ineffective, and implies a lack of understanding of the own and singular nature of each person. The genes that were combined to form the basic structure of temperament and define the mental channels network wiring of each person’s brain, and are that determine the talents and natural abilities, do not change or change very slowly.

There is a limit to what the person can do to change. Successful leaders and managers understand human nature and differences individual and, consequently, they are not change correct complete persons, nor eliminate the differences, but seize them. On the contrary, they try to help people become more and more of what you already are. When a leader fails to understand and interact with the different personalities within the Organization, ignoring individual differences, you have problems. Instead, under the vision of building forts, the goal is to focus on the development of natural abilities (talents) which the person already possesses. This scheme is more effective, since in the area of talent, people are more motivated to learn, enjoy more what they do, and also learn more easily.

Talent represents the greater potential for effectiveness among persons. What are the talents? Normally people associate talent almost exclusively with renowned excellence, or a skill or aptitude extra-special. They think that if they don’t have a physical ability to sport as the Michael Jordan or Barry Bond, intelligence for science such as Albert Einstein or a genius for the arts like Miguel angel or Leonardo de Vinci, not may be successful, or achieve performance excellence.