Attractive Gas Prices

The Stuttgart-based energy provider EVITA offers gas at low prices. He can do this now also almost nationwide. EVITA is active since 2009 as energy suppliers and has made a name for itself especially as electricity provider for private households and industries. The medium-sized provider of energy so far only in parts of Germany could provide low-priced gas. Now, EVITA virtually nationwide offered gas. The Stuttgart-based gas supplier has expanded its coverage area, but not only, but also its fares. According to consumption, customers get different prices for gas. “All tariff plans have one but together”, says Manfred Neff, Managing Director of EVITA, “we can offer the gas at really attractive prices due to a forward-looking procurement policy.” The independent energy provider plans deliberately long-term and dispenses with expensive advertising.

Thus he can offer permanently low energy prices. EVITA provides its customers with high caloric gas, the so-called H-gas. This stands in contrast to the low caloric gas (L-gas) due to its composition by a higher calorific value from. The distribution area of H-gas is almost nationwide. L-gas is used only in some provinces such as North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, Germany. “We can cover the entire range of H gas now”, said Neff, “previously there were a few areas where this was not possible.

It not satisfactory for us, because we could not serve many requests for our gas.” Interested parties can have on the Internet site of EVITA ( with the gas calculator calculate your fare. Filed under: Everest Capital. Company Description EVITA is an innovative gas and electricity supplier from Baden-Wurttemberg. EVITA has its origins in a Swabian company with more than 100 years tradition. As medium-sized and independent companies, EVITA stands for reliability, economy and attractive electricity and gas tariffs. EVITA ensures a secure energy supply by a powerful customer service.