Ayurveda Panchakarma

Within the framework of this Ayurveda treatment is the treatment of the cause, the emergence of the imbalance and the disease. The treatment is always holistic and has body aims to bring spirit and soul. “The function of this Ayurveda Panchakarma is Spa, to restore the balance between doshas vata, pitta and kapha, soothe aggravated doshas and eliminate aged doshas.” (Sushruta) Kapha, pitta and vata as basic bio-energies affect all the functions of the body and the spirit. Basically, whether we are healthy or sick, you decide. Every human being has its individual Constitution (Doshazusammensetzung).

This comes in the imbalance, disease arises. Also impact this bio-energies vata, pitta and kapha in nature, so that even seasons, nutrition, daily routine healthy Affect flow of the doshas, which also specifically used in the Ayurvedic therapy. In our climatic zone, can the Pancha Karma treatment generally perform throughout the year. The spring and the autumn are however especially. At this time, there is nature on the move”, and this conversion energy is now provided a special benefit for the Spa. This effect is often also used for fasting, where the panchakarma shows particular strengths in the detoxification of fatty tissue treatment.

We translate the Sanskrit word Ayurveda, this means the science of a happy, healthy and long life.” The panchakarma treatment is one of the pillars, which serves this purpose. Contraindication Pancha Karma should be not performed in acute diseases and very weakened patients, as Pancha Karma mainly consists of treatment with cleaning, emptying and what effect. This is the case for example in patients with ongoing chemotherapy or in patients with severe heart failure. How long and how often should you perform a Panchkarma treatment? A cure should be performed at least 10 days, this is basically the time that is required to the individual stages of the treatment to go through to harmonize the metabolism, loosen the deposits in the body to be the detoxification organs take-out of the deposits and the pathogenic substances out of the body regenerate and nourish the tissue. Treatments performed 14 days or even better three weeks are still effective and commendable in chronic and degenerative processes. For people who take healthcare seriously, and striving for a long, happy and healthy life, the cure is annually or every 2 years sense, can achieve a lasting regeneration of tissues. For questions, you may contact us like. If you liked the article, you tell a friend about it.