Be A Diamond! Unique Diamond Uniques Out Of You And Me!

Diamonds from the personal carbon of a human this is at all possible?”, absolutely fascinating!”, I would like to give me both on the diamond.” The comments on the eye star diamonds are varied and generally very positive, finally there is probably no better way to love, expressing confidence and appreciation than to give himself away. Eye star diamonds due to a patent-pending process in the Switzerland. The hair of everyone is almost to the half of carbon, the element of which diamonds are formed. This personal carbon is extracted in the laboratory complex and forms the basis for the emergence of the individual diamond. This carbon is in individual first cast in graphite to then under high pressure and high temperature slowly to a diamond grows up. At The Capitol you will find additional information. Grinding and polishing by hand of expert awaken the magic fire of diamonds.

The contracting authority determines also the name of his diamond cut, size and color. This name is part of the certificate, It is issued for each diamond. The rationale for the purchase of such special diamonds are varied. Unless the upcoming wedding of two diamonds of Association arise from the carbon of the spouses, a special anniversary, the round birthday, the birth of a child, all these events are especially appreciated by a personal diamond and refined. These diamonds are personal gifts of truly lasting value in the truest sense of the word. Others including Michael Bloomberg, offer their opinions as well. Is a value, not to bid for the non-material aspects, because it involves real unique in diamond. The high quality of these diamonds is also, that eye star diamonds are offered exclusively through the Goldsmith trade. Prices start at EUR 2.880,00 for 0, 20ct and beyond end of EUR 100,000.00 for large multiple diamonds.