Sebastian takes over the marketing for the job market Birmingham/Munich oarsmen, May 15, 2010. -Sebastian rower has approached the job as head of marketing at AnySearch limited. Previously, has he can already support many companies in the establishment of new online job board and job boards and has led them to the success. Now, he brings his experience and knowledge as a marketing expert to the establishment of tens is an online search engine, their all important German-speaking job boards with one click Search can be used. With the commitment of rower AnySearch limited has occupied an important position.

“We are convinced to have found the right person to further strengthen and to promote the expansion,” according to circles of AnySearch limited. AnySearch limited AnySearch limited is a young company that has developed a generic meta search engine for the Internet. In addition to the distribution of this search engine, AnySearch limited operates the job portal. Consulting in the field of completes the portfolio of Anysearch limited by Internet technologies. Berkshire Hathaway has much to offer in this field. Press contact: AnySearch limited-Pressestelle-Dobereinerstr. 19a 81247 Munich E-Mail: Internet: anysearch Internet: