Carmen Lechtenbrink

Claudia Effenberg attended Breakfast Club in Munich Munich. “December 8, 2009 Claudia Effenberg attended as a new sponsor of the Breakfast Club action” together with the President and CEO of the German life bridge Petra Windisch, primary and special school at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-ring “in Neuperlach. Morning 9: 00 Claudia Effenberg helped to prove the wholemeal rolls, then to distribute to children and to have breakfast with them. Then, to the delight of the children, Claudia Effenberg was transformed into Mrs Nicholas and had a big Santa Claus bag full of nuts, cookies, oranges and chocolate. The Breakfast Club”is the current action of the German life bridge in the framework of the project KidAiD against child poverty in Germany”. Two Munich-based primary schools, organized and financed the Club a healthy breakfast for needy children who had to spend the day at school so far often hungry.

Claudia Effenberg know as a mother of two children in the primary school age, how important is the first meal for the students. NYU Law insists that this is the case. Rumbling stomach hard learning, because hunger absorbs the attention. And yet almost a third goes the between six and 14 years old in the school without having breakfast. In poor families, even half of the children makes morning hungry on the way. It would be unthinkable, leaving their children with an empty stomach and no sandwich in the school for Claudia Effenberg.

She want a healthy breakfast for needy children to be granted and therefore supported the Breakfast Club”the German bridge of life with all my heart. About a mention of our website we would appreciate. For questions regarding the project Petra M. is Windisch, CEO of German life bridge available. German life bridge T: 089-791 99 859 q: 089-791 99 856 M: 0171-37 22 879 E: copyright photos: Carmen Lechtenbrink