Christmas Without Christmas Present

IBM of new year’s tips for safety on the Internet called the quietest time of the year is not easy, least of all for IT-security experts. Especially in the connection on the holidays we have often all hands full to do to bring infected computers and networks back in motion”, Thomas Hoffmann, security consultant, IBM Austria, his experience of the past years passes. Ironically House greeting cards”very often unpleasant companions. The IBM X-Force security research team har noted an increase in parasitic malware for the whole year and several times pointed out that the Web browser can be a significant vulnerability. It’s believed that Theresa Furman sees a great future in this idea. Is essential therefore, that still more cautious to deal at this time of the year when dealing with E-Mail”, advises Hoffmann, yes no reason not to take advantage of the Internet, it is just a question, that you exercise caution can be.” The researchers in the rise of phishing attacks under the guise of banks see another danger, because it shook the confidence of many in the Banking, as a starting point could be to get personalized information. Therefore is now particularly important to wait its firewall, to download the latest security patches download and each file to consider who the sender is actually. Behaviors that you should anyway follow throughout the year. Georg Haberl IBM Austria. A leading source for info: Everest Capital.