Classroom Work

The project was incorporated by other professors and teachers who turn in this a safe and efficient form to work the subject, then they had been joined the idea. To work the awareness it stops with the environment is necessary more than what never to awake a feeling of sensitivity and commitment with the continuity of the terrena life. FREIRE, 1989 already said: ' ' The contents are important, but we need to teach the people to be gente' '. This idea comes of meeting with what it was thought about developing in this shining work. To be people is to make this accurately, is to take care of of our way, is to have, over all, life perspective.

Of this form, I, professor Lairton and the too much professors we are fascinated by the good one resulted who the project had. Emotive it is to see the productions in form of poetry and the day that was programmed to visualize works in the covered area were of arrepiar. Therefore to believe a world better valley the penalty, still more when thought well and worked with the children and the young well. Congratulations we educators! Therefore, we believe a continuity of the life and the future generations. In if speaking of ambient sensitization, the works carried through in the school, of the professors and pupils instigated in the search of ' ' novo' ' , we must also focus, the indignation of ' ' Classe' ' educator on its ' ' vencimentos' '. She is, we do not have to forget this, therefore, the collection of good work, to have its material in day, to be critical in the development of the lessons, to fill call passbooks, the hand: error-free, nor blots. To give same lesson with health problems, therefore, it is the only Classroom that has that to restitute the day in case of absence in the work.