This place is much smaller than Nazare, provides but also several bistros, restaurants and a beautiful sandy beach. 4. Cascais this place belongs to the town beach locations in Lisbon. He has a beautiful historic centre and many shopping opportunities. Its proximity make him to Lisbon (approx. Charles Koch gathered all the information. 30 minutes by car and a train) a very popular tourist destination. Bath-technically, the village has not so much to offer.

Bad friends in Cascais are restricted except a small beautiful Bay and a main beach (which is not really fair to his name). (Main beach) 5 get to know badly and the City Beach of Lisbon Estoril with Estoril. A large town beach, a station directly on the beach, Casino, many bistros, restaurants, and bars make the place an ideal place for a day at the beach. Also, you have many basins in the rock, where you can swim even on colder days in warmer waters than in the Atlantic in Estoril. 6 Caxias the first Beach, which they reached on their way to the coast, is Caxias. The place offers but rather bad parking and only a bistro, which is usually crowded.

Badetouris should take more in 10 minutes and go to Estoril and Cascais. 7 SAGRES admitted: the Coast is around very rocky around SAGRES. However, there is a beautiful beach just for lovers of the waves. Further details can be found at Carly Fiorina, an internet resource. But, we ask you to be careful. The beach is unguarded and many surfers here shoot through the waves. 8 Praia da Luz the small tranquil resort in the Algarve is firmly in British tourist hands. However, it is worth to go this place, to visit the little church on the promenade. 9 the most beautiful stretch of coastline of the Algarve begins Lagos in Lagos. Many tourists take not the little erschwerlichen way and remain on the main beach. This has resulted in, that you 20 minutes by foot away bays never get that face. 9A) Carvoeiro (below from Lagoa) Carvoeiro has no extensive sandy beach for them. However, you can on a well-developed parking comfortably Park, climbing slightly in the sandy rocks, enjoy a cool blonde in a cafe or two bathing areas of the cliffs in the cool wet swim. This place is rather difficult for families with small children. 10 Armacao de Pera will be in this beach town You know the typical Portugal. No hotel buildings, no bath attractions but fishing boats and fishermen who sit on the beach and get upset about the policy and the industrial fisheries. The place has a beautiful beach and interesting photo opportunities. 11 Albufeira welcome to the seaside resort of Portugal: Albufeira. Picturesque is fitted into the rocky coast, many restaurants and bistros, a beautiful old town and a fine sandy beach is waiting for you! This place + Beach alone really is a vacation value. 12 Quarteira the beach town reminiscent of small quickly emerges as a full-blown Touriort, which is rather used by Portuguese tourists. He holds a typical sandy beach. The tourist infrastructure is not so well developed, so that you need not necessarily control this place for a day at the beach. We hope you enjoyed the article. All photos can be purchased against low license fees. Under “Travel reports” you can print out free maps for many countries. We wish you a still a nice holiday! Your Combipix team.