If the child did not follow the rhythm of its growth would not leave infancy. Therefore, we cannot find quaint that the new man takes the place of the old man, supporting in this manner the advance of the current time. I am not speaking of material oldness, I am speaking in the fall of the exceeded ideas that atravancam the progress of peoples and nations. New man x old man the anger of God if discloses of the sky against all impiedade and perversion of the men who withhold the truth for the injustice. Epistle of Pablo to the Romans, CAP. 1:18. The old man falls, Resurges the man new, Renewed and hopeful. The old man is composed Of millenarian ideas, the new man if espelha in JESUS, and its exemplary rules.

The old man is creation, Of many and many gentes, That follow indifferent, To its destinations. It is the mixture Of conditional Conscientious and unconscious minds. It then dies; It New Man to resurge, and with JESUS to fulfill, its destination. With the mind integrated in the CHRIST It renews itself in Spirit to be able to survive..