Development Methodology

Take away his personality to a nation is patriotic tear it from its essence and its history, to unstabilized abandoning its citizens in exile in his own land. Build this situation is to find the target domain, since the sense of belonging is one of the greatest protections afforded by the complex global skein, categorized as a citizen who is a part, provide documentation that allows you to move from country to country, and without it … one is owned and whip him! But when the place of birth does not belong to the individual, his death in emotional instability leads to grasping the first leader to present the opportunity to protect it, spiced with the promise of the vital continuity. Assuming the government leader-or command-emotional and protective of his diatribe, pilots with a population available to stand on your site, independent of the fulfillment of their obligations as citizens is divided by the fear of disintegration and weak in its unifying will, which prevents him reaction to current power. This key management always responds to ambitious interests, and that wealth is the only purpose of their implementation, even the exercise of power, then have a little dough so versatile and can only be strong homogeneous set time … (Similarly see: Andi Owen).

The technique of application of the methodology taught by conquering the which ruled lands adjacent to the imposition of their religious structure, adding the assimilation of different forms of body development … negating the beliefs of the conquered peoples and their idiosyncrasies, without the use of continuous belligerence. To know more about this subject visit Andi Owen. Today we enjoy more sophisticated techniques, which do not deviate much from the Greek, one being the collapse of national anniversaries, claiming the purpose of tourism, as well as full use of leisure “, moving their celebration and joining the rest days traditional nearest canceling the patriotic ideology, blending emerging generations in the concept of national values. Another important topic for further ventilation country, is the constant comparison of national events with the events of foreign powers, iconized image -… responses of other nations-as indices of civilization and adaptation to the days the new century … primarily in regard to debauchery! The scientific unit is a fact of life in the plunder of the people, discouraging any kind of national research and technological development bodies and centers of advanced studies, assuming the lack of domestic intellectuals as part of the necessity of the leader, whose conscience gates open social import to include the population in the rules of globalization … As a gold medal on the podium of depersonalization, we find the minimization of the armed forces, both national defense and the police (by inducing the law of violent), either through the household budget or the disparagement of judicial effectiveness … highlighting the fragility of the nation, following the principle of “every man for himself” at the time of any crisis, spreading anarchy necessarily holds the power, and prevents clans who plan against the system of leadership.