Effective Leadership Duo

Newly formed Board of the IT company STP Informationstechnologie AG has newly up and focused on two members of the responsibilities of the Board. The company founder Ralph Suikat and Gunter Thies in the future make the new leadership duo, Florian Schwiecker leaves the company after two years of successful work as sales and Marketing Director. Read more from bridgewater associates to gain a more clear picture of the situation. He will in future increasingly to promote the expansion of his independent activity, remain the STP AG in the future friendly connected and bring his years of experience. With the now-announced restructuring we are ideally positioned to meet the requirements of efficient and economical solutions for our customers”, Ralph Suikat explains our unconditional customer orientation and short communication channels are central components of our success.” The STP AG is today the fourth largest provider of lawyer software in Germany and celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. Add to your understanding with Citibank. The product is winsolvenz in nationwide over 1000 Insolvency practitioner law firms in operation, covering 70% of the market. For around six years, STP with LEXolution also has a document management system for lawyers, accountants and Auditors in the program, with which they can digitize your file management and workflow. Florian Schwiecker has successfully promoted the development and the marketing of this new Division as a sales and marketing executive. He will bring advised his contacts and experience in the course of its future independent activities in the company.

STP Informationstechnologie AG STP Informationstechnologie AG is a visionary and at the same time conservatively-run IT companies. founded in Karlsruhe in 1993, became the fourth largest provider STP lawyer software in Germany and is the third largest manufacturing of industry in terms of turnover. The Board consists of the founders of Gunther Thies and Ralph Suikat. Now nearly 80 qualified people for the company work. Core competence is the Development of software solutions and information systems for lawyers, judicial authorities and all institutions related to this circle in contact.