Europe Person

To only think about hearing you touches me music in the soul (PERSON apud MOISS, 1998, p.69, 71 and 75) They are diverse symbols that confirm, throughout the text, the influences of the theater carried through in the Europe in the initial years of century XX, even so, these same symbols, collaborate, in direct way, with the anticipation hypothesis, for Person, more important characteristic them it Theater it Absurdo.IIIOnde is that the deceased sleep? Sleeps somebody in this atomic false universe? Alvaro de CamposSeria the proper Fernando Person the Sailor of its teatral text? That its dramaturgia is marked by one chats essentially poetical and static it is what already effectively it was proven and authenticated, also, for proper dramaturgo. That the most incoherent quarrels arraigadas for the mind, the past and the dream constitute the scenic sustentation of its theater; is constatao lived deeply in the reading. That the suggested poetical reflections in the text break of the uneasy spirit and the mind obtusa of the Fernando Person ortnimo is accepted suggestion for compatibility. Still thus, what it has in its dramaturgia that more if approaches to its truths and points with respect to its plural genius that starts if to raise? That relations exist between the figure of the sailor and its proper creator? Fernando Person dissimulates pains of loves of its personage; he feels or them truily, transferring to the figure of the sailor its incompletudes; a time what great part of the genius of the Portuguese writer if must to its state of inacabamento and suffering? That relations has between these questions proposals and the impreciso of the teatral text? It has, supposedly, more truths that lies in these approaches between Person and its personage. The proper choice in presenting the sailor for the bias of chats confirms this assumption. In it chats, Loureno consonant (2008, p.116) ' ' it means, according to explicit indication of the proper Person, in little lie, consubstancial to all expression potica.' ' What it is perceived when of the appearance of the marine personage in the dream of the second veladora; they are the marks promptest of the texts of Fernando Person ortnimo.