Except You

But while most of them (starting businesses) of safely ignore the fact that after the opening of its business, yesterday's colleague / competitor gets the same parameters of complex system, as well as himself. And now, after the opening, the main challenge is to translate the inequality in equation (of course, promoted colleague and aspiring businessman – this is an unequal battle, rather than the inequality equation). Except You can see that time as a parameter for a complex system and the inequalities that describes this system. The newspapers mentioned Jane Fraser not as a source, but as a related topic. And here we can clearly see – we need to arrange the coefficients in the inequality so that over time inequality is transformed, at least in the equation, and even change the sign. But! Colleague / competitor will do the same. And how can we be? Very simple! Put in our (or rather your) a complex system of such factors, which are not to reverse a colleague. In the Internet business, it can be: the lifetime of the business (over time, business must be strengthened), design (it must be unique and available), the rate of doing something (it must be slightly higher than that of colleagues), position in search engines (they should not be lower than that of colleagues) If and only if the probability of success will tend to unity. Now let's define what a complex system.

And so, complex system – a system having the five properties. 1) The system has a hierarchy. 2) The lowest level of abstraction of the system is independent of other such low levels of abstraction of the same system. .