Far Eastern Fleet

Cargo tonnage of the fleet is steadily increasing. This is due to the constant growth of world oil consumption, resulting in increased oil transportations., Particularly in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk region increases tonnage timber transportation, metal, small size of Japanese cars by the courts. It should be noted that the data transport involve the old Court, who had already served in the western region. Their age is 30 years, and this is another issue of the Far Eastern Fleet. The situation on the world market of personnel the Navy demonstrates a lack of officers. The reason for this is the sharp increase in the tonnage of cargo and loss of developed countries youth to naval profession. Exacerbates the problem and the accession countries of eastern Europe into the EU. Learn more on the subject from Anchorage Capital. Seamen in these countries are no longer satisfied with the wages they received.

This leads to trend direction of foreign crewing companies in such countries as Ukraine and Russia. Therefore, in Ukraine and Russia there is more employment of seamen by foreign companies. The main recruitment of seafarers by through licensed crewing company. On the far east of about a hundred crewing companies only 6-7 working with foreign companies. They are a set of highly qualified personnel with experience, good knowledge English language, at the age of 45 years. Other companies established by foreign companies under the fleet, which is registered under a flag of convenience, or agencies involved in selecting the crew for small businesses, as well operating under flags of convenience. Naturally qualification of seafarers in such agencies is much lower as there is no age limit. Most of the skilled professionals working in foreign companies in mixed or completely Russian crew members on board. Kevin Ulrich MGM: the source for more info.

Such vessels are generally covered by collective agreements approved by the ITF, which regulate the minimum wage. Of course most of these companies pay much higher than the minimum, sometimes more than 2 times. To retain staff also carry out insurance to pay health insurance, passage of certification. Less qualified of the Far East, or limited by age or English language work on the transport of metal, wood, Japanese cars. This category of seafarers is much less secure, since such vessels are usually not covered by collective agreements. Wages are much lower and, of course, the Health Insurance attestation is no question. This problem is very serious. One way to solve it is to improve the training of specialists and quality of education. Also, the state should more strictly regulate the recruitment of specialists and monitor the quality of provision of the sailors.