German Capstone Modern

Particularly difficult and playful roofs with waves and turns the wild cover is suitable for excellent. Shed coverage: quiet the scales cover is an evolution of the old German cover. Only machine-cut deck stones of same size used for the modern variant. The form of this template is similar to the old German Capstone in the so-called normal blow. Because no stones with different heights and widths must be processed by the industrial prefabrication, the scales can be cheaper to lay cover.

Only at special stones, the expert on-site must create even hand, to fit the shape of the roof. Because the stones are uniform, the scales cover very subtle, elegant, quiet and fits well to the modern architecture. Universal coverage: cheap that universal coverage is an optimised version of the popular bow cut coverage. The universal cover characterized by its typical momentum and clear lines. The new format is varied but, it can be universal: left or right coverage is possible with the same stone. On the facade, the stones on the arch can be laid standing like a honeycomb.

The advantages include the lower price. The universal cover suitable for very modern semi-detached houses in a clear style. Rectangle cover: objectively very similar properties if also a completely other optics, has the rectangular cover. The hallmark of this cover is their sleek, modern format. The ordered structures of rectangular cover can be combined well with a clear architecture. Both new construction and renovation of roofs or facades the rectangle cover is an attractive and economical solution. For more information, posts, articles and inspiring ideas on the subject of slate under: roofing/slate /.