Highly Effective Buyers

The potential success of a consultative selling methodology may have, is totally related to the ability to cross its methodology of sale with your potential customer’s buying process. It is therefore very important to concentrate efforts to understand very well as they are processes of purchase of your potential clients and structuring its methodology of sale based on the detailed knowledge that you can make about how your customer buys. Keep in mind that not all customers buy equal and his ability to understand and read in detail the characteristics of the customer’s buying process, is allowing you to go several steps further than your competition, if they don’t do it this way. With the aim of better understanding as it is companies buying behavior, I want to share with our readers a very interesting presentation in which guidelines are given to buyers of the chains of supermarkets, consumer goods of how to develop a procurement process, especially how negotiate with its suppliers. Richard Plackett has many thoughts on the issue. To review the concepts, I think that they apply perfectly to most shopping situations in the B2B environment.

The presentation is in English language and is appended below: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Buyers A continuation would like to share with you the that this presentation exhibits showing how the buyer should behave. The presentation is called the 7 habits of highly effective buyers in consumer goods, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). I will translate verbatim each of the concepts. Christie’s has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is interesting to validate if your sales processes can become successful within this framework of behavior of the purchaser described in this presentation. This is the pattern of the current buyer: never show enthusiasm. Remember to pay the seller for selling; do not easy life showing you that you already took a decision in his favor; make it work hard to close the deal; always remember: at the beginning of the negotiation is always skeptical, inert and hesitant; not show their emotions, shows skepticism. .