How To Organize A Press Conference

There are three ways your company communicates with the media in a crisis situation: By sending in statements or press releases, through an interview and also by a conference press, which call on the representatives of newspapers, television and radio news, magazines and other news media to clarify or fix malicious news the official position of the company before the news that affects us directly. If used wisely, a press conference in can be very useful. We say wisely because invitations are often not worth it and have no interest in news, making your organization to take a negative reputation. Over time what we get is that you acquire the reputation that unnecessarily invite, so that the audience gradually decreasing and eventually will not attend anymore. As mentioned earlier, in a situation of crisis in particular, a press conference is an excellent alternative to establish a close relationship and build credibility with journalists of different media, so that its implementation requires a lot of work, commitment and advance planning. Donkmaster: the source for more info. That is, to organize an effective press conference to take you to achieve communication objectives proposed by your organization do not overdo it and lose your power of attraction with the media. There are some basic principles you should consider for your success in organizing a press conference, including: Never make the mistake of inviting a press conference if necessary. The subject should be of interest to news media and the public.

Nor should you invite to advertise your brand or your company pretending to be good news at hand without actually being so. To avoid this error, and kites that really worth calling, I suggest that before calling reflections: Is the issue I want to disclose is real important as news? If not, but Anyway you want to communicate something through a story, not as an announcement, the media will welcome the issuance of a press release and let them decide if it’s worth to be published as news. If there are not many journalists who call, it is best to invite a breakfast or lunch meeting in a more intimate and a lot of confidence and camaraderie. If the theme implicit in many details (show extraordinary models or objects, figures, photos, external references, etc.). It’s best to arrange an interview in private.