International Materials Testing

The Error analysis is a complex process that is applied to all the diverse types of provisions. Each group of materials requires of special abilities and the suitable experimentation to solve of effective form the causes of the failure. The objective of the error analysis is absolutely positive: In order to avoid delayed additional failures. The determination of the errors that they take place when a structure or leaves from a structure does not fulfill the expectations for which one has taken place avoid economic and personal costs in the future. The failure hypothesis is easy to understand very intuitively. For even more details, read what angel tang says on the issue. But underneath that intuitive understanding crucial conceptual principles exist that commonly are understood bad or do not consider absolutely. Aspect habitual of analysis of failures associates with Not Failure Found (Without to find failures), that it is an expression used in the field of error analysis to explain a situation in which initially a technician or specialist of the laboratory inquires into a possible failure in a material by, but later it cannot be reproduced later in the tests that are realised.

In any case, the cause of the failure is due to determine to avoid that they can take place, and to increase the yield of the device, component or structure. The prognosis technology includes the dynamic diagnosis, the active reasoning based on data and algorithms based on prognosis models to complete a complete analysis. Sending to the market a product without a previous test adds a cost habitually superior to the one of the project. The investigation and the consequent analysis of the failure, in the first place identify the type of error. Next, they determine the root cause of a failure, and on the basis of the determination, the remedial action that it must be initiated that to avoid analogous failures. In order to prevent the delayed failures, experimental innovators have to be developed still technical. A complex investigation of errors, like the investigation of flight accidents, generally requires the services of experts in diverse branches of engineering and physical sciences, as well as the metallurgy. It is for that reason that more and more sectors of the industry are promoting the creation of a determined branch or of analysis of material that includes all those fields and can provide defined solutions or and contrasted, far from the variety of experimentation that exists nowadays and that, in many cases, takes the more to confusion that explanation.