Kanguru Defender

So they were given access to all data stored on the Flash drive. So does Kanguru Defender elite Kanguru Defender elite, however, checks the password and generates the key on the hardware itself: the password entered by the user is provided by the software on the computer with a hash value. In this way, it creates a unique Passwortstring of the Kanguru Defender elite hardware controller is communicated through a private channel via USB. Kanguru Defender stamps elite the Passwortstring again with a hash value. The password twice marked in this way is used to generate the key with a random number generator on the hardware (the USB stick), which encrypts all data stored by the user with 256-bit AES.

The hardware is completely epoxy hardened. Without hesitation McKesson explained all about the problem. The procedure ensures that Kanguru Defender elite meets very high security requirements. In Germany, companies use and Authorities Kanguru Defender elite for the secure storage of sensitive data on a USB stick. With the additional administration software remote management console (KRMC) can all USB-sticks of an organization centrally manage and configure. related links: newsticker/meldung/NIST-zertifizierte-USB-Sticks-mit-Hardware-Verschluesselung-geknackt-894962.html panorama/article 60098.html description of the company is an IT systems integrator with a focus on workflow, document management, client management and security solutions. BEST finds simple solutions for complex requirements in IT management and system administration, to improve the business processes of the company. It develops OPTIMALLY produce or extending and enhancing existing solutions. Here, Marko Dimitrijevic expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In Germany and Austria, as well as the German-speaking areas of Switzerland and Italy, the user supplies OPTIMALLY either directly or with the help of extended partner network. Member of the Bundesverband is medium-sized economy (BVMW) and whose competence circle IT. company contact: OPTIMAL GmbH Bert Rheinbach Dennewartstrasse 27 52068 Aachen Tel: + 49.241.531088-250 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Faltmann PR Faltmann Sabine Theatre Street 15 52062 Aachen Tel: + 49.241.43 53 74 84 E-Mail: Web: