Karen Padaung

Giving a second round by the end of the village, now in a manner more convinced, I am already fully integrated, unlike some of the few tourists who I see, eager to take their cameras to get their particular trophy. I also visit a neighboring tribe known as the Karen network big ears. They differ from the Karen Padaung by having less adherent neck-rings and a few huge lobes produced by the weight or size of the rings that adorn her ears. Decorated with handicrafts from most many-colored and necklaces of coins and pieces of metal in the shape of Moon and cowry, characterized also by the deep red of their costumes. One of first older women that I see smiles in signal that already knows the device I amago between my hands. News by the people must fly to printing speeds, especially taking into account the little habitable expansion where the cabins are seated. Without allowing me to perform the massage by the troublemaker mess that has in his hair, I say goodbye it returning the smile. The Karen network like the Kayan have looms to spin and weave their own products or those intended for the visitor.

I make another stop on the tour, to watch a lady who tends the clothes, washed by hand with the same water from the River. It seems that school dismissal time. Students do not reflect that universal joy that a metropolitan school students would have to abandon classes, because here, I imagine that they have more fun in the classroom helping in the artisanal work of their huts, located just four steps. I bordeo the end of what would become the second main street where coyly (and quite rightly) is a shower in my presence, a lady who does not cover the chest at first. I can imagine what would happen if such a surreal situation to happen in my country, where the women look to men for good and evil.