La Paz Farmers

Of another one side, approaching apparently the exposition that it advocates that the rounds farmers have and exert of total way jurisdictional functions, in the Law of Rounds Farmers is contemplated that these have ” functions relative to communal La Paz within its scope terrritorial” (Art. 1). This last aspect is developed by the same legal norm when trying the activities to the benefit of communal La Paz, of the following way: ” Rondas Farmers in use of their customs can take part in the pacific solution of conflicts provoked between members of the community or organizations of their jurisdiction and other external ones, as long as the controversy has its origin in facts happened within its jurisdiction comunal” (Art. 7). Finally, the interpretation of the faculties and rights attributed to the rounds farmers, who have been reviewed in the three previous paragraphs, are insane more with the formula contained in the referred Law of Rounds Farmers, by who ” The rights recognized the indigenous towns and communities native farmers and are applied Rondas Farmers in which she corresponds to them and favorezca” (Art.

1, in fine). V. QUESTIONS ON the COMMUNAL JURIDICCION AND the ROUNDS FARMERS In this level of the analysis, is inevitable the sprouting from diverse questions on the sense, meaning and reaches of the constitutional recognition of the communal jurisdiction and the roll of the rounds farmers in the resolution of conflicts. To broaden your perception, visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. Without no special order the same consider. 1. They are Rondas Farmers equivalent institutions or share the same legal nature that the Communities Native Farmers and, in historical terms, social and legal? 2. It is possible to apply and ” transferir” rights by legal mandate of a subject of right (Communities Native Farmers and) to another subject of right (Rounds Farmers), first of which it has plexo of rights recognized constitutionally and in international instruments, and even though that the second responds different to an historical reality and has particular a legal nature?.