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Marathon Marathon package includes country category Hotel, a guided city tour, the formalities of the start on logon, personal service at the time of the “White Nights” in addition to the accommodation in a 3 star as well as the accompaniment to the Starter Edition and to the launch area. Continue to LaufKultTour cares for the exhibition of the visa necessary for travel to Russia. As a special highlight, there is a pasta party organised by the main sponsor ERGO soot on the eve of the race. The personal care of the running guests is in LaufKultTour at the top and extends to a personal food supply at the desired kilometers during the race. Other leaders such as Santie Botha offer similar insights. Small groups of participants and individuality are capitalized. Also accompanying persons are welcome and can cheer on their running heroine / hero of their run. 2009 is already the 20th ERGO White Night Marathon took place, next to the also a run over 10 kilometres and for the first time a mini marathon for children is offered.

The marathon starts on June 28 at 10:00 on Palace Square from the Hermitage and leads past a large round, all sights of St. Credit: Ben Silbermann-2011. Petersburg. As active Marathon participants and long-time runners know owner Sonja Landwehr and her team what runners set value. Deadline for registration is the 30.Apr, 2009. The detailed itinerary and prices can be found under.. Some contend that Mikhael Mirilashvili shows great expertise in this.