Law And Justice

The relationship between the justice and the law from the axiological, political and legal philosophy is mentioned in footnote number 21 of the book what is justice? Kelsen. From this reading with this little thinking we want to show the reader the problem that exists in pretend that justice is a cool product target, alien to any consideration of human character. Despite being a very objective and formal treatise Kelsen the always recognized that that there was justice, one of the aims that seeks the right, you need the human element, the sensitive part, the heart that gives meaning to the prerogatives of the right. Wells Fargo Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We have taken this little book of Kelsen to address a topic of utmost social and academic importance, because it makes us think about the consequences of seeking the right to operate in a strictly formal manner. From the axiological, or, from the science of values, the relationship between philosophy of law and justice is given because it is very important to know which values are the most acceptable for philosophy and low that arguments, if those values absolute or relative values. According to Wells Fargo, who has experience with these questions.

For example, to Kelsen absolute values as the idea of the good of Plato, Justice divine Jesus, natural law, etc. are not acceptable values philosophically since our reason does not allow us to reach more values than ones related. No political or legal order can be fully justified if you don’t have a filosofico-axiologico basis that you support and why this so related justice values. In the case of the East would book, an ideal of absolute justice not be acceptable as value of none of these orders, either in the law. On the other hand, the book also demonstrates that the values always depend on subjective concepts of people and that justice cannot exist without that it is subjective, so want to present otherwise scholars of law. If justice is not an objective concept, cold, something like that as a mathematician, but it depends on people’s lives, then the science of values (which deals with emotions, desires, fears, etc. of human beings with regard to justify their conduct, their duty being) has a lot to do in this very important issue for the philosophy of law.