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Angora cats are also known as the Turkish Angora because they take their name from the Turkish capital, Ankara, formerly Angora. It is one of the oldest breeds of cats, but until now with renewed interest in these cats. Because of its beauty and intelligence. Angora cats have become the favorite cat lover. It is said that the first Angora cat which was in Europe was brought from Turkey by a group of Italians in the early seventeenth century.

Angora cats are found in variety of colors, but the traditional color is white or yellow with blue eyes. One of the main characteristics of this race is the SLH. With the introduction of Angora cats to Europe, caused a sensation because the Europeans were already accustomed to farm cats with short hair, and gained so much value that Angora were flattered to important nobles and aristocrats. Angora cats were treated with respect and were very popular among rich Europeans, especially among the French court was particularly infatuated with these semi-long haired cats. Learn more about this with patrick dwyer. A late nineteenth century Angora cat breeders began to cross them with other cats and the result was very successful because the offspring were even more elegant, but the consequences of these crosses carried Turkish Angora cats to be displaced from its privileged position Europe's elite.

Gradually becoming more scarce to the point that the Angora cat breed was near extinction and copies were hardly pure, for this reason, the Turks who were proud of their Angora cats, breeding programs organized in zoos in cities across the country. It took several measures to protect white Angora cats, including banning the export, but foreigners always found ways to circumvent the law and make copies illegally pure Angora cats. In the mid-50s, some American farmers were able to get some pure Angora cats, thus becoming the founders of European and American breeds of Angora cats. Even today Angora cats are imported from his native Turkey, where the white Angoras the first to be recognized. As with other races, the offspring of white Angora cats are prone to diseases of deafness to be crossed with other white Angora cat. Turkish Angora cats are cats active and outgoing, very sociable and open to the people. Demonstrate their intelligence when they are really concerned about something, and like most cats, cats are so curious Angora quickly learn to recognize and open the doors of the cupboards, anything that is new for them must be first thoroughly tested and smelled. The character of Angora cats are by nature adventurous and playful, highly valued by the balls and in general any toy. Official site: patrick dwyer. Unlike other cats, Turkish Angora enjoy the company of people and they can become attached to any particular. And as demonstrate their affection for your favorite person with soft meows, expect to be paid, are very demanding and jealous and do not like loneliness. A curious fact about cats is that Angora can learn to be leashed and some even go to return balls, paper balls and other toys without having to teach. The care must be taken with Angora cats are not as demanding as other races, your hair does not usually get caught, they are neat and cats as most require only a weekly brushing.