Love At Second Sight

The love in the network was suddenly…Love at second sight. Who has himself already asked how the world would be without computers and the Internet? Yes no longer to devise. A world where you can still writes letters to themselves and must wait two weeks on a response. Because I have friends from all over the world, I’ve written a me on a new Internet portal. So, I log in and start to make contact with my old friends. My friends find great that they now receive a message with picture. You can also stay at home to write messages and directly to contact.

These networks are used to find many new friends or to find former colleagues from school or work. Now many members have enrolled. A friend of me, Sabine (52J),erahlte they many invitations from handsome young men got who would like to meet with her. She said sometimes they send messages such as “Let’s talk” mysterious “sticky”…or “you’re cute”. She said that with the “cute” is rather carefully because she wants to see once Yes what arises with the unknown Internet friends. But she must confess that it already flatters her that which so many young men interested in them. Now there are hundreds of millions of members who are registered in any social Internet networks around the world.

The achievements are overwhelming. A statistics showed that 16% of adults aged 30-40 are enrolled. 54% are 16-24 years young and 30% are 11-15 years old children have a created a private profile, in an Internet portal, and also regular are used. So as I said, the “social community” linked old friends and you have but new people to get to know the possible. Many have an active “Online” circles of friends, and spend several hours every day to maintain these circles of friends. Hans F. was thrilled when he again met his former Schulflame recently. He said: he had lost contact with for years, and he saw her picture on a Web page, so he could you To write..It also sparked between the Beiden.Dagegen my girlfriend Helga was appalled that at once, an old acquaintance that she wanted to have nothing at all actually, at one time had written her. Of course it’s the friendships! You want to forget rather some friendships…