Martin Luther King

What we can learn from this speech it is enough to have not only a dream, it must be also very fully formulated and especially justified. Reasons why the right to meet the dream is. Explain how it came to the change request. Based on what values and essence. Explain how the dream should be realized. Explain why the dream can also be implemented.

Explain why the dream is right. “”And what that means for your dreams”also here a quote from Martin Luther King helps: no problem, if we’re waiting lazily, that God cares.” “” “With terms such as method”, tool, one replaces the notion of God”or success system”, is this quote again very real life. This does not mean that we can accept no aid or do not use pulses for us, but you should always make sure, on his individual needs or on his way to vote them. Just that the speech structure of I is have a dream”and the idea is quite simple. Who wants to can the entire speech once printed out, lie down beside him and read sytematisch section by section. Then it starts Writing the personal I have a dream “-speech.” This must not happen in one go. You can give a certain amount of time is for each section, to work for example 2, 3, or 5 days, as long as it takes to his speech. During this phase it is helpful when every thought, pulse or any idea that one goes in during the day by the head, immediately.

So the speech section is always accurate and realistic in its formulation, which then runs like a thread through the speech, and there is a clear description of the own dream, whose justification and reasoning joins fluently. That means one begins to describe his plan thoroughly and to reflect on fixed and individual foundations. Furthermore determined to define exactly what you want and what you don’t want anymore, by man critically scrutinizes his desires and designates new alternative viewpoints, but receives an honest assessment of his abilities and possibilities as well as potential discovered and need for action. The result is amazing, because the effectiveness of imagination, creativity, innovation and above all courage to change is enlarged so many times. ABOVE You can teach anything a people, you can only help him to discover it (Galileo Galilei). Contact: reading tip Oliver Gross lane change now do I it Softcover: 165 pages Publisher: Businessvillage. Edition: 1st Edition. (Sept 2009) Language: German ISBN-10: 3938358890 ISBN-13: 978-3938358894 dp / 3938358890