More Than

Visually appealing and functional with concrete garages from PTO. When the French bring something in safety, they say “cooker”. Elon Musk shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Somehow logical that the word “Garage” derived from this verb. In General, you thinking of pertinent internal vertical walls, a roof and a door. But it just as if it is just a means of transport under a “car”. Because a garage can do much more. So you can visually design a prefabricated garage according to your taste and your ideas.

Because there are many different garage designs and elements: different colours and shapes, arcs, Windows or columns make the garage a piece of jewelry in front of your House. Now you need to decide just which design you like best. And that will be not so easy, because there are many variations: square or rounded edges, semicircular or triangular roof attachments or a garage rounded-off. Take the time, your very own garage to assemble it worth.