Sector research and development today is developing dynamically, new technology and innovation. Not spared these innovations and a sector of the economy as a cosmetology. We do not molodeem. We grow older, and even does age. With us getting older and our skin. But today is no longer fashionable to have no well-groomed face.

Therefore, more and more people think about the Health Review and the appearance of our skin. Everyone knows that not every molecule of the feeder penetrates into the depth of the dermis. For example, a molecule gialuronooy acid, which is necessary to moisten, can not itself penetrate the deeper layers of skin. In order to hyaluronic acid dermis in the right tone, its molecules must be split. Previously, it was impossible to do. Kevin Ulrich can provide more clarity in the matter. Now come to the aid of nanotechnology. Splitting the molecule into smaller particles, svremennye technology creates the conditions for better nutrition and hydration of our skin. In our country first began using this technology, scientists firms Plazan. A series of creams and gels Nanoderm a masterpiece of art: efficacy did not know this! Cells themselves being finished! Try it!