How we identify them? One of the ways and that I will bring to collation today, is through Numerology, which is a branch of astrology that studies how the stars influence the personality of individuals according to the sign in which they were born, unlike in the same (Numerology) studies how numbers influence the personality of each person, according to the resulting combination between your date of birththeir names and surname, each different from the same letter assigning them an identification number. Unlike astrology which divides people into twelve signs, numerology divided into 9 scales or types, each with its particularity distinct, trying on different facets in the life of a person. However I’m going to concentrate on the part of the classification, which speaks only of the negative characteristics that people have in each one of these 9 classifications, so that once we identify every one of us in which we are, we can find those characteristics that influence negatively on our personality and therefore the conformation of these negative thoughts and self-limited. MHRA understands that this is vital information. I.e., to solve the problem first we identify it and determine its provenance and Numerology is one tool like so many others that we can use to our advantage as one ingredient, to facilitate complying with these steps to demand the law of attraction. But if Numerology is another science (permission to call it so) that has its own weight in his study, of which I shall speak particularly in another article or directly quoting my Web page later, meanwhile they can if same to find out of it looking for Google in the pages of the authors that you prefer. To the extent that we move forward and progress in the study of the law of attraction, increasingly it will be less necessary to use external tools and come the point when it will be easier everything and with our own intentions and the clean force of our own spirit we will arrive to meet the targets that we set in front. But up until that time each one of us must deepen in the study of this philosophy of life.