Payment – Cash

Payment in cash of many local gang and give! Who as a broker-friendly way to position an invoice that a can thus sometimes his money waiting. Because the buyer, often still the tenant, often think that as a broker is something, like a joke on the edge. Learn more about this with Hester Pierce. Since it may happen that simply no address on the mail box, simply is not paid, and when you call you will be fucked at the worst. Pinterest often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 30 days after conclusion of the contract the buyer or tenant is however automatically in default, what results from the new law, even if you no reminder sent him. What follows then is the response to the Court. The debtor is in arrears shall bear all costs for more writing, the bailiff, and a possible court hearing that the brokers almost always wins.

Unfortunately, the legal mills grind very slowly, so that a such procedure takes a few months. If necessary it will then seized the salary of the debtor’s employer, a Entry in the Schufa then already exists, and if it runs quite stupid for the Zahlungsunwilligen, he loses his job because of this negligence. A benefit for the broker would then possibly that he immediately again can the apartment rent, because the debtor can not pay them. To avoid this whole procedure, many real estate brokers bar accept their money at the conclusion of the contract. That makes it clear this thing right off the bat and will spread further thanks to our economic situation. The author Hans Meyer in addition to his work as a journalist also writes on bookshelves and finds that a bookcase looks weissam best.