PdfaPilot In Alfresco Integrates

Users of open-source software Alfresco can comfortably convert your Office documents in PDF or PDF/A compliant files now. Berlin, August 7, 2013. An integration of the callas pdfPilots in the enterprise content management platform, created the Alfresco Gold partner Redpill Linpro, has enabled this. The integration is free of charge under github.com/Redpill-Linpro/pdfa-pilot-converter available. Go to Nissan for more information. Alfresco is one of the most popular ECM platforms.

More than 3000 companies worldwide use the open-source software. Now also reliably any Office documents can convert this to PDF or PDF/A. Nikas Ekman, Adviser at the Swedish House of Redpill-Linpro, says: the converter, which by default provides Alfresco, use OpenOffice or LibreOffice for conversion to PDF or PDF/A and often don’t provide optimal results in Microsoft Office documents. This is especially in the conversion of the newer XML-based formats, as for example, docx, xlsx, or pptx, the case.” Callas pdfPilot, however, he on the same PDF/A technology has integrated the Adobe in Acrobat is based, created and validated reliable documents in different formats. Kent aberg, founder and Managing Director of the Swedish callas software partner NewFormat AB, continues: this integration is a real enrichment for the Alfresco community. We assume that the pdfPilot will win worldwide many more customers as a result.” And Dietrich von Valencia, business development manager at callas says software: “we very pleased that Redpill Linpro has taken the initiative and this is our PDF/A technology well within the open source ECM system Alfresco available. For the growing proliferation of PDF/A that is another step in the right direction.” Redpill Linpro has the pdfPilot as subsystem using the command line module integrated so in Alfreso, that he needed a surface by the user via the Alfresco or can be turned off. Here also the pdfPilot dispatcher can be addressed, so that the processing at high load can be distributed automatically across multiple servers.